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Life…and the joy it brings…..

24 Oct

Festive Diwali season is just round the corner and I will be getting some time on my hands so decided to get going on my Blog.

I’m less frequent in putting out posts I must confess, but I’m trying to change that. Actually, I’m trying to make a lot of changes like controlling my temper, letting bygones be bygones, trying not to please the entire world and learning to put my foot down and say “NO” when I need to. Another important change I’m making, is going after the things I want. I always wanted to travel more, so I recently took a trip to Pondicherry. I always wanted to have a dog with me in Bangalore and I adopted one a few months back.

OK now, I’m going to dedicate a separate a post to Pondicherry and all the things to do there, but for this post, I’ll dedicate it to Juno- My lovely baby.

So I finally decided that it was time I acted like the person I was meant to me!!!(The dog lady) and went and adopted the most adorable baby ever. Now, I know what you’re thinking…..ADOPTED???? Yes I mean adopted, like not going to a breeder but adopting a pet that really required a loving home.

These days, people buy pure breed, show quality dogs and then think they are some kind of accessory in the house and when they can’t give them the love and affection dogs need they either put them out on the street or abandon them. My Juno was one such dog.

The pic Jessica sent me of Chinnu

The pic Jessica sent me of Chinnu

She is a 1.5 yr old lab and has the prettiest eyes. Her owner didn’t want the trouble of taking care of her and dumped her in a foster care home for animals and when they had kept her too long, the owner took her and shifted her to another home for animals. Apparently, taking care of a dog in your own home is too much trouble. My Juno grew up with the name Chinnu and was shuffled from one foster home to another, never having a permanent home. The last home she was in was called “Jeru’s Loving Vacation Home for Pets”. Its run by this amazing lady called Jessica and Juno (or Chinnu at the time) was pretty happy there. She manages a home for animals like a holiday home where you can drop your pets off if you’re travelling or  on a holiday and can’t take your pets with you. Also, other than this, she also takes in abandoned animals and finds them new forever homes.

The minute I read a message saying there was a dog for adoption, I rushed to see her. And when I got there, I fell in love with Chinnu. She slobbered me with hugs and kisses and refused to let go. The day she came home with me was probably the happiest day of my life so far.

Dogs have a way of bringing joy and happiness in a home and the love they give you is unconditional. She was then renamed Juno suggested by a close friend as it sounded close enough to Chinnu and it was easier for her to adjust to it. She’s been the apple of my eye ever since. She understands every emotion and is never shy of jumping and showering you with licks to brighten up your day.

Having spent most of her puppy life in foster homes, she love people and animals around her, the more the merrier. She’s a joy to have around and will now complete 2 yrs n January and we plan to celebrate. So if you’re in town, give us a buzz and come for the party.

Helping me while I work IMG_1052 IMG_1054

P.S. To all those worried dog lovers, I’ve grown up around dogs, so don’t worry Juno is in good hands 😉

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