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Life…and the joy it brings…..

24 Oct

Festive Diwali season is just round the corner and I will be getting some time on my hands so decided to get going on my Blog.

I’m less frequent in putting out posts I must confess, but I’m trying to change that. Actually, I’m trying to make a lot of changes like controlling my temper, letting bygones be bygones, trying not to please the entire world and learning to put my foot down and say “NO” when I need to. Another important change I’m making, is going after the things I want. I always wanted to travel more, so I recently took a trip to Pondicherry. I always wanted to have a dog with me in Bangalore and I adopted one a few months back.

OK now, I’m going to dedicate a separate a post to Pondicherry and all the things to do there, but for this post, I’ll dedicate it to Juno- My lovely baby.

So I finally decided that it was time I acted like the person I was meant to me!!!(The dog lady) and went and adopted the most adorable baby ever. Now, I know what you’re thinking…..ADOPTED???? Yes I mean adopted, like not going to a breeder but adopting a pet that really required a loving home.

These days, people buy pure breed, show quality dogs and then think they are some kind of accessory in the house and when they can’t give them the love and affection dogs need they either put them out on the street or abandon them. My Juno was one such dog.

The pic Jessica sent me of Chinnu

The pic Jessica sent me of Chinnu

She is a 1.5 yr old lab and has the prettiest eyes. Her owner didn’t want the trouble of taking care of her and dumped her in a foster care home for animals and when they had kept her too long, the owner took her and shifted her to another home for animals. Apparently, taking care of a dog in your own home is too much trouble. My Juno grew up with the name Chinnu and was shuffled from one foster home to another, never having a permanent home. The last home she was in was called “Jeru’s Loving Vacation Home for Pets”. Its run by this amazing lady called Jessica and Juno (or Chinnu at the time) was pretty happy there. She manages a home for animals like a holiday home where you can drop your pets off if you’re travelling or  on a holiday and can’t take your pets with you. Also, other than this, she also takes in abandoned animals and finds them new forever homes.

The minute I read a message saying there was a dog for adoption, I rushed to see her. And when I got there, I fell in love with Chinnu. She slobbered me with hugs and kisses and refused to let go. The day she came home with me was probably the happiest day of my life so far.

Dogs have a way of bringing joy and happiness in a home and the love they give you is unconditional. She was then renamed Juno suggested by a close friend as it sounded close enough to Chinnu and it was easier for her to adjust to it. She’s been the apple of my eye ever since. She understands every emotion and is never shy of jumping and showering you with licks to brighten up your day.

Having spent most of her puppy life in foster homes, she love people and animals around her, the more the merrier. She’s a joy to have around and will now complete 2 yrs n January and we plan to celebrate. So if you’re in town, give us a buzz and come for the party.

Helping me while I work IMG_1052 IMG_1054

P.S. To all those worried dog lovers, I’ve grown up around dogs, so don’t worry Juno is in good hands 😉


Daddy’s Little Girl

19 Jun

Hello my dearest readers!!! Hope you guys had a great weekend and an even better Father’s Day.This post is all about Father’s Day and dedicated to all the father’s in the world.My Dad is the coolest person I know… and I’m not just saying that for effect,it is in fact true. And I think my friends can vouch for that (atleast the ones that have met him :-)).

Daughters and Fathers share a strange yet rare bond and no matter how young or old you are, a daughter will always remain Daddy’s Little Girl. My dad has helped and nurtured me from the tiny toddler that I was, to the lady I’ve become today. Growing up, my dad was kinda strict and particular about our upbringing. We were never allowed to spend lavishly or even get pocket money for that matter, he always told us: “If you want something, tell me, if its something you really need, I will get it for you”. Also, when we were young we had a maid for the house but he made sure she never did our chores for us. He taught us the value of money and people. Even to this day, if any of us need any advice on our life, career etc., we know we can count on him to give us an honest unbiased opinion. Most of the time even without saying a word, he is truly the strong pillar in the lives of all of his three children.

We were taught to be independent and learnt most things the hard way. At times my sister, my brother and me thought our life was a movie in which he was the bad guy, but today we realize that he was only trying to inculcate the right values in us. Today I can proudly say that I’m a good human being, a good citizen and a kind yet fiercely strong and independent person because of My Dad, My Hero. I love the lyrics of this song called “Fathers and Daughters” by Kristin Chenoweth and I want to dedicate this song to all the fathers and daughters out there.

“Fathers And Daughters”

Well you laughed and told me you really wanted a boy
But you cried first time you held me said you never felt such joy
That’s fathers and daughters

When you took the training wheels right off my bike
That’s the first time I could feel my wings
‘Cause you taught me how to fly
That’s fathers and daughters

When I was a pink ballerina dancing in the kitchen
You held out your hand so I could try my luck at spinning
The world kept turning always thru it all
I knew you would catch me
When I start to fall
That’s fathers and daughters.

When you let me go out on my first date
You waited up and you didn’t tell Mom
Even tho’ I got home late
That’s fathers and daughters

And one day when that boy made my heart break
You told me that’s why God made tears
To wash the hurt away

And I’m still that pink ballerina
Dancing in the kitchen
You hold out your hand
I go right back to the beginning
The world keeps turning always thru it all
You’re still there to catch me
I’m still learning how to fall
That’s fathers… and daughters
And daughters… and fathers

We grow up and discover
No one ever loves each other
Like fathers and daughters.


Miss You…

30 May

Hello,hello!! Now I know I haven’t written a post in quite sometime now. The thing is, May has really been a busy and stressful month for me with loads of emotional ups and downs.(Yeah I know what your thinking…Drama Queen!!)

Now, I have been in Bangalore for over two years and all this while I had my Boo by my side.He was there through the rough and jobless days, to the happy and successful days.And now after all this time, he has moved to Mumbai to do his MBA.Initially, I kinda pretended that it was temporary or it wasn’t happening (God what was I thinking!!trying to fool myself).But when the time came for him to actually leave (that happened the last Sunday by the way), my heart sank!!!

Now I’m kinda dealing with the fact and trying to get used to being on my own.At times I feel really good…and at times I just wish he was here.But then I know as well as all of you, that career is very important if you want to be someone and accomplish your dreams.Now I know there are people who will argue that you should do what makes you happy!!!But that doesn’t mean I can shift his college to Bangalore(Oh…how I wish I could!!!!!!) or just pack and leave for Mumbai(I’m too broke to just land up there!!!).Also, I’m on a path in my own career as well and have loads of things to consider….How I hate being a “GROWN UP” I tell you. 😦

So I was sitting and just doodling and scribbling and came up with this kiddish poem, but its still straight from the heart 🙂

P.S.  I know its a bit lame but I like it all the same 😉


How rarely did I acknowledge how much you mean to me,

Now your miles away and I feel like my life has turned grey

Even though I’m surrounded by people all the time

I miss the voice of that special someone…I know is mine

I know this is something you had to do

But Love!!!All I want to say is “I Miss You


Somehow I thought I’d be devastated,

Broken and shattered to a million pieces

But Life goes on, and for that I have to be strong

After all its  just a couple of years

And then we will be together, just as we belong

And yes, I do know this is something you had to do

But Darling!!All I want to say is “I Miss You

This picture was taken at our Christmas party and its one of my favorites

My Identity…My Ink

13 Apr

Alright, now I spoke to a very wise person (Or so he thinks!!) about my blog and he mentioned that it was not so personal and very generic.So today, Friday the 13th, I am going to share something that is very personal with you, that I would not normally do, so please understand that now you are going to know a very private part of me and that is: My Ink.

Why do people get tattoos??The reasons are as varied as they are individuals.In the early ages people would get tattoos to symbolize their tribe and set them apart from other tribes.Some people get tattoos to represent their religion or the people they love, people who are in the military service to symbolize their patriotism, some people get tattoos for the fun of it and others get it as a mistake.

I personally believe you should have a  really strong and substantial reason for getting a tattoo because it will remain and even become a part of you for the rest of your life.Ya I know there are various tattoo removal processes, but those are far too painful.

And also, I don’t believe that tattoos are only for rocks fans, punks and metal heads… that’s just rubbish!!!!Anyone and everyone who wants to get a tattoo should be able to.Though still in many parts of the world people judge you when you have a tattoo or multiple tattoos.

I have two tattoos.the first is a tetragrammaton star and the second one is the wordings “Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours”.

Now I have different reasons for getting each of these tattoos.

For the first one, the tetragrammaton star represents the ancient Hebrew language that the Hebrew Scriptures were written in did not have vowels. In the original Hebrew, God’s name is given as “YHWH.” This is known as the tetragrammaton. Because of the lack of vowels, Bible scholars debate how the tetragrammaton “YHWH” was pronounced.Now I got the Star which is one of the portions of this symbol and it is the Pentagram that expresses the dominion of spirit over the elements of nature. This magical sign can dominate the elemental creatures that inhabit the regions of fire, air, water, earth and ether. Before this demons tremble and flee in terror.

Now the reason I got this was because ever since a kid my mum always believed that I was not the “Holy Holy kinds” and maybe I wasn’t.Ya I believed in God, but there were times I questioned a lot of things and tried to find the logic and science in it.As  I finished college and moved away from home and far away from family,I found myself alone and times were tough and sad at times.There would be these specific things that would happen to me, things that I now have termed as God’s little miracles just for me that have made me grow strong in faith and understand God’s power and presence more and more.And for me the Pentagram symbolizes just that.

For the second one, that’s the lines “Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours”. I loved the Immortal Beloved Letters by Ludwig van Beethoven. I must admit the first time I heard these lines were in the movie Sex and the City and it really caught my attention. So then I actually got a hold of the love letters of Beethoven. The reason I found these letters beautiful and intriguing was because the recipient’s name was never written nor known.And then later on, after a movement by people close to him they concluded that she was Antoine Brentano. Beethoven fell in love with her after meeting her for the first time in Vienna and she was married at the time.This is what kept them from being together.While she was in Vienna he wrote letters to her.

I fell in love with these words ever since!!So I have inked myself with these beautiful words to remind me of the kind of love that is Immortal and that we rarely find today.I know my love story is more of a friendship-love-fight-love relationship and sometimes it just drives me crazy.But I guess that’s love(atleast for me, coz I’m not the overly mushy,lovey dovey kinda person) and in the end of it all I feel that this is a bond that will be forged in time and will be always Immortal.

And now after getting these two tattoos over a year ago, I’m thinking of getting another tattoo, maybe that will make for another post at another time.But for now I’m happy with these two.


Killer Queen-Freddie Mercury

11 Apr

Is this the real LifeFreddie as a baby

Is this just fantasy

Caught in a landslide

No escape from reality-Freddie Mercury

These words are by a very famous singer from the band “Queen” better known to all of us as the great and flamboyant Freddie Mercury with powerful vocals over a four octave range.Now I’m guessing most of you loved his music and still do,I know I do for sure!!!But there are alot of facts that many of us do not know about Freddie Mercury, I for sure didn’t!!

First of all his real name was Farookh Bulsara. And, wait for it…….yes he was a Parsi by birth!!!He was born on 5th September 1946.So ya he was Indian.But interestingly when asked by interviewers about his ethnicity he said he was from Zanzibar and to some other people in the press he said he was Persian.Yes, Parsees are followers of the Zorastrian religion whose ancestors came from Persia

Another interesting fact was that he did his schooling in St. Peters in Panchgani, near Mumbai and when asked he said this was because his father worked for the British Raj in India at the time…This was clearly a lie.

Another truth that Freddie Mercury denied was about being gay. He insisted the way he behaved and dressed was part of an act!!(Ya right!! we believed you dressed in those leotards!!)

Well there was no real reason for him to lie because one look at Freddie Mercury and you could tell he was gay.

Freddie or Farook was also the one who chose the name “Queen” for the band and that is when he also changed his last name to Mercury.In the news he was also mocked by saying”In this age of punk,what is more ridiculous than a Queen toasting his audience with champagne” which was what Freddie did at his concerts.

Some of the famous tracks by Queen are still played at most of the bars today like “We are the Champions”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Rock You”(Though most pubs do not play the original one), “Under Pressure” and “I want to break free”.

Freddie died in London,on November 1991 from HIV/AIDS-related bronchial pneumonia one day after he announced it to the public that he was HIV positive.There was also a tribute concert held in 1992 at the Wembley Stadium, with some of the most famous rock stars of that time.

Even though he lived most of his life as a lie, no one can deny him the greatness that he was, specially in his music that still lives on.

And I will end this post with his mother’s words:”It is because God loved him more, that’s why he was taken away”

Disease and the ills it brings with it!!

15 Mar

How do you console a friend who has lost a family member to a disease.And what do you say when that disease is CANCER.

Cancer grows out of normal cells in the body. Normal cells multiply when the body needs them, and die when the body doesn’t need them. Cancer appears to occur when the growth of cells in the body is out of control and cells divide too quickly. It can also occur when cells forget how to die.

There are many causes for cancer like viruses, excessive drinking, obesity, radiation, genetic problems and even environmental problems.But most of the time, no one knows the exact cause for cancer.

When I think about “Cancer as a deadly disease” it scares me alot.

Cancer sort of runs in my family.My grand mom was detected with it an odd seven years ago and my mum was detected with it about roughly three years ago. Both of them have successfully fought cancer and have been cancer free for some years now. It is a tough battle and I must say I admire the courage both of them have.They are truly my heroes and role models for taking a disease in their stride and not letting it take over them.

But what do you say to the family members of people who have lost their lives to cancer???

I can’t imagine being in their state and it would kill me every time someone would talk about it.Even empathy,however sincere and genuine doesn’t seem enough in such cases.

Every night I go to bed and I wish that no one has to go through a dreadful and awful disease like cancer.The torture and agony faced by not only the person with the disease but the entire family is just awful.

Hello World

7 Mar

Well hello world!!!!

I always wondered how people had the time to write blogs and where did they get these ideas about what to write in their blogs.And being the lazy oeuf that I am, it took a while for me to do my research, try and find my niche areas of interest and after all that time wasted…..I decided to just go for it.

So in this blog you are going to find an assortment of things that I like, things that I hate and basically anything and everything.So if it interests you, give it a read, if not look the other way. 🙂

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